COME SEE Second Valley, Fleurieu Peninsula

As told by Zade Grilloni.

I can still remember one of the first conversations I had with Jackie. She asked me where the best beaches are in Adelaide. So I showed her a photo of me standing on a hill – in my bikini overlooking Second Valley. She then asked if I’d send it to her… babe, I know you finna get that piccy for the booty not the hills. Hahahahaha. So after I sent it to her, I said I’d take her to see it if she came back.

A few months passed and there she was, back in Adelaide ready for me to show her some my favourite spots. The first time I took her to Second Valley, it was a cold winters day with insanely strong winds. I still so badly wanted her to climb this hill with me. Braving the weather, we climbed our way along the rocks of Second Valley Beach until we finally made it to the top.

Second Valley, South Australia

We braved up, took a quick photo and went straight back down to seek safer ground! We told ourselves we would definitely be back to see this beauty on a clear sunny day. That day came around a few weeks ago when we decided to hire a van from Adelaide, throw a blow up mattress in the back of it and sleep by the sea along the Fleurieu Coast.

The Bluff Encouter Bay SA (3)

Our last evening of that whirlwind weekend was spent in Second Valley. We got there just as the sun was beginning to set. We quickly got up the hill just in time. Just as expected, it was perfection – warm balmy night with a slight breeze. We could’ve slept up there. In fact I just kept envisioning us building a tiny house on that hill and calling it our home… Goals!

Second Valley, South Australia

If you read our Top 5 beaches of Adelaide post you might have noticed that Second Valley was one of them, and for good reason. This beach isn’t just a regular beach you see… its surrounded by beautiful rolling hills. No houses, paved roads or humans in sight. Just you and the rolling hills turning into straight up ocean.

Second Valley South Australia

The small beach is a little busier now as it’s becoming more and more popular to Adelaidians but if you know exactly how to get up to the good parts, I promise you’ll feel far enough away from the humans. If your feeling extra adventurous there are some local cliff jumping spots or if you want to explore the waters around the valleys you can occasionally hire kayaks.

Second Valley, South Australia

I love how for us, Second Valley went from a photo on my phone to memories made together. Ill never forget almost flying off the hill from the winds the first time we went or the second time wanting to sleep up there! I hope you can make cute memories here tooSecond Valley, South Australia


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