COME SEE Gull Rock, Adelaide. Adelaide. Australia.

As told by Jackie Te-Aroha.

Gull Rock, South Australia
We normally enjoy getting out on days that are warm and sunny but when you’re both working full-time jobs and only get ONE day off together per week you take what you can get. So with a sky full of clouds, tank full of petrol, semi-empty stomachs and camera at the ready we jumped in the car in search of a little disruption to weekly routine and drove towards Port Willunga because there’s nothing like a quick trip down the coast for some fish and chips and a little exploration to settle the wanderlust.

We pulled up at Jimmies located on the Esplanade at Aldinga, which we have been known to visit quite frequently when along this stretch of the coastline. We ordered the usual two pieces of fish (battered because unfortunately they don’t do grilled) and chips to share. Now, if anyone knows Zade they know how much of a tomato sauce kid she is so anytime you see us eating this typical ‘Strayan meal you know she’s all over it with the sauce.

We opted for an in-car meal at the top of the Esplanade overlooking Port Willunga beach – one of our favourite swimming spots. After satisfying our cravings we then drove back north towards the Blanche Point car park. We found a spot and went out in foot, camera in hand. The weather was still quite sombre but we continued on past the viewing deck barricades camera in hand ready to do what we do best.

Gull Rock, South Australia
Overlooking Port Willunga Beach

It was here at the top of the unstable cliff edge that I encountered my first challenge. I was not wearing correct footwear. I needed my adventure shoes. Let me just pause for a minute and explain to you what I mean by adventure shoes. A good pair of adventure shoes needs to be light. They need to be flexible and breathable. But most of all they need solid grip that can adjust to a range of different terrains including paved street, grassy hills or in this case crumbling hill and cliff edges. Instead, I had my every day shoes on which barely keep me steady if the slightest bit of rain hits the pavement. For this reason, I was unable to film any of the climb down and had no choice but to pack my camera back into its little home so that I could make my way awkwardly down the dirt hill. With knees bent, facing forward but hands gliding along the surface behind me I slowly followed zade down the hill envious that she had come fully prepared with her adventure shoes. Trying to picture what I looked like? Think of a backwards mud crab semi running, semi-stumbling and you got yourself a pretty accurate picture. So if you do plan to visit this site, take a tip from me and WEAR YOUR ADVENTURE SHOES!

Gull Rock, South Australia

Once we got down to the waters edge though, it was bliss. Nothing but open water with a gradient of blue-greys melting together at the horizon and a slight reflection of the sun trying to pull though layers upon layers of cloud. It was as if it was a metaphor of encouragement telling me to endure through the long days and nights and that eventually I’ll shine through.

Gull Rock, South Australia
These are not adventure Shoes. But that little thing out there is Gull Rock.
Gull Rock, South Australia
Views back towards Maslins Beach

There’s nowhere that I feel more at peace than beside the ocean. And there’s no one that I would rather feel this way than with you.

Gull Rock, South Australia
We don’t need a plane, I could be your escape – Alina Baraz




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