A weekend away in Jervis Bay

Mermaids Inlet

Mermaids Inlet is located along the south coast of Currarong. An inlet of crashing waves forming against tall, jagged sandstone cliffs and rock formations is what to expect. To start your small journey, you’ll park in a car park at the end of Beecroft Parade. Its here you will have a giggle once you see the sign “Abrahams Bosom Reserve” Yes, Bosom. Just passed the sign leads a bridge crossing over the creek. You’ll follow a path that leads to an info board where you have a few different routes. We hit Mermaids inlet first then made our way back and visited Gosangs Tunnel. If you’re after the quickest way to the inlet, you’ll take the second path on the second right. You’ll follow Marion’s Way to mermaids inlet! The path to Mermaids Inlet is dreeeeamy. Especially in the morning when the sun is shining through the clouds, hitting your path in different shades.

On arrival, just hearing the sounds of the wild crashing waves was so exciting, we followed the sounds through the lush greenery which opened to the beautiful inlet. From here we followed a narrow rocky path that lead to a wide open flat rock edge where there were a few fishermen. It was gorgeous. So peaceful to see the wide open ocean from a different perspective. The ocean will always be there, but when we have the option to view it from amazing different points, it never fails to amaze me with its beauty. The sun was shining in and out which drastically changed the colour of the sea. From dark navy ocean to teal coloured flowing sea, so much beauty in one spot.

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Gosangs Tunnel

Mermaids inlet and Gosangs tunnel are about a 10 min walk from one another and both are just a small distance out of Nowra. My darling was a little anxious when we heard about this tunnel because she once had a bad experience in a cave and realised she gets claustrophobic. I really wanted her to do this with me because it’s often the hardest most difficult places to get to, that are the most beautiful. which is relevant in many aspects of life. Having to go through the rough to get to the beauty. So after following yet another beautiful path, we arrived at the tunnel. Another couple were leaving, telling us how amazing it was. This added to the excitement. Unsure what to expect on how small this tunnel actually is, when we arrived i looked straight at Jackie’s reaction, hoping she would feel okay about it.

The only way to pass through the tunnel is to get right down and crab walk through it! It was very low but I’m thankful it wasn’t too narrow because i don’t thick jackie would’ve made it. I said right! ill go first and then you follow ok babe! as i’m crab walking through trying, i hear Jackie deep exhaling behind me. It only took maybe 2 minutes to pass through the tunnel. 2 minutes of crab walking for the amazing views… TOTALLY worth it!

From this viewpoint you could look off to the right and see the main viewpoint of Mermaids Inlet. What gives these spots their magic is mostly the journey to them. Crossing rocky narrow paths to crab walking through tunnels… its the journey. The uncertainty of what to expect. The nervous excitement of crab walking through a small cave to the rush of exhilaration when coming out the other side to the big wide, open ocean. It’s these hidden gems that make us want to do this daily. Just me and my babe, exploring this wild earth. It’s a stirring in my soul that long for these moments together.

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Murrays Beach

One word comes to mind when i think of this beach. Tranquil. Located in Boodaree National Park – 30 mins from Nowra, lies a sweet national park filled with hidden beaches and bays! It really reminded us of Bruny Island in Tasmania. Where the tall trees meet the beach. We got to Murrays Beach after our morning adventures and meeting up with our friends. We had quite a few places in mind to visit but we got to Murrays beach in the afternoon and found it so lovely we decided to stay for a while.

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Hyams Beach

With “the whitest sand in the world” according to The Guinness Book of Records. Hyams Beach had to be the highlight of the trip. We headed down to Hyams early Sunday morning and decided to get a coffee from Hyams Beach Store & Cafe. Nothing like a great coffee and an amazingly beautiful beach to start your day!. The cafe was located about 2 minutes walk from the beach so we headed on down to see what all the fuss was about. We were shook. Put it this way… it was about 23 degrees and we went from long tights and warm clothes and made the quick decision to go back to the van and chuck on our swimmers so we could enjoy this beauty!

The water!!!!! the waterrrrrrrrr! The only expectation I had was to see some white ass sand. Not to also see some turquoise waters!! it was probably the clearest water id seen in NSW thus far. The type of ocean that looked too good not to be experienced! The weather for this day was similar for the whole weekend, we had bursts of sunshine, some bursts lasted longer than others. But with every burst of sweet sweet sun, made us even more grateful to be there in that moment. It was busy, but not overly crowded which was a treat. With the title of whitest sand in the world, you’d expect it to be absolutely packed with people and it wasn’t, so we were in great luck!

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Hole In The Wall Beach

Hole in the wall beach gets its name from the sandstone rock wall with a hole in it at the eastern end of the beach. The hole has now collapsed and formed a U shape which makes for some beautiful framing for photos! The water was lovely and calm so for a while we just sat in the water and enjoyed the sunshine. Now whenever I visit a bay it reminds me of my hometown Adelaide. Peaceful oceans at almost every shoreline.

After basking in the Oceana for a while, it was photo shoot time! We got the gang together and set up a group shot! It was so much fun traveling with like minded souls. I think one of the greatest things about traveling is experiencing such a wide range of beauty with the same sorta people. To share the same admiration and respect for these places is so cool.

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We’re not finished with you yet Jervis Bay. We’ll be back at the end of the year when we travel around Australia in our van!





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