COME SEE Windy Point Lookout, Adelaide. Australia.

As told by Jackie Te-Aroha.

WndyPoint-SA(4)Windy point is by no means a secret. Its one of the go-to places for an Adelaide sunset due to its conveniently located car parks and its top-of-the-hill panoramic view restaurant and café. But it’s also apparently one area that attracts local ‘hoons’ who carelessly throw their vehicles around the bends on Belair road more than double the suggested speed whilst their testosterone is fueled by the cheers of their on looking mates. Luckily though for us they weren’t there the time we went up. Just a bunch of other sunset chasers like us equipped with cameras and smart phones.


We pulled in to the small car park along the outer facing bend before you get to the top of Windy Point. As we had arrived approximately an hour before sunset and I hadn’t been to this place yet I decided to use the last of the remaining daylight to go out and scout the location. I crossed the road and after seeing some sort of access track and fence I jumped the barrier and headed left away from the direction of the sun. Around the bend there was a boardwalk that looked more like a wooden roller coaster track that had been damaged from some form of landslide during the mining of the neighboring quarry. I stepped up but felt extremely uneasy as the angle this thing was poking out of the side of the hill was by no means safe and neither was the gradient of the slope almost immediately underneath it. I decided there was no point pushing any further in that direction anyway because huge trees obscured the view so I turned back around.


Heading back to towards where Zade was waiting at the barrier of the road I continued to follow the path until I saw a small clearing in the trees that enabled me to get closer to an unmaintained railing and fence that warned of steep drop offs into the quarry below. I climbed over the fence and tried to lean most of my weight back onto it for some stability. I heard Zade creep through the same way I had just come through but choosing to stay on the backside of the fence.


This is the vantage point I was looking for. I now had a clear view of the horizon and could use some of the nearer tree branches to frame up a couple of shots. The sky was lighting up and a maze of florescent orange-pink began to shine through the purple grey clouds.


We watched for a while after the sun had passed over the horizon before going back to the car. And when we did I was amazed at how many passer buyers had pulled in to witness the amazing end to the day and thought to myself… yeah but you didn’t get that gud-gud view like we did *smirk face.