COME SEE Umejero Waterfall, Bali. Indonesia.


REGION: Buleleng Regency, Northern Bali.

ACCESSIBILITY: Open all year round | Anytime access

BEST TIME TO VISIT: May through to October | In the morning or afternoon

LOCATION: 20 mins from central Munduk | 2.5 – 3 hrs from Canggu |  Open in Google maps

WALKING DISTANCE: 10 – 15 mins one way

TIME REQUIRED:  1 – 2 hours

TOURIST RATING: A secret local spot!

COST: No entrance fee | No parking fee


As told by Zade Grilloni.

When we first arrived in Bali, I was keen to do some research on finding places not many tourists knew of or ventured to. This is how I came across the wonderful area of Munduk in Northern Bali. Now considering it’s only a 2.5 – 3 hour drive from Canggu. Munduk, in our eyes, is by far the most beautiful. What the REAL Bali looks like. Not what they have made it seem in the typical tourist filled areas of Bali. What we like to call – Tourist Traps!!!

Handara Gate Munduk Bali (34)

Northern Bali is filled with the greenest of green rice terraces, palm trees and mountains, the most sacred, beautiful temples and probably the most lush, impressive waterfalls you’ll ever see. Hence why we stayed a little over a week out of a month in Bali, then right before we were about to leave, made one more trip up there to get a few more nights in. We stayed in the area of Umejero, at Candra Cottage. This is where we met some of the nicest, most generous people ever. Candra Cottage is a family run business and our hosts quickly became our second family.

Candra Cottage Umejero Bali (112) Candra Cottage Umejero Bali (111)

Gede and Iloh, the manager and owner of Candra Cottage, were more than happy to drive us around Munduk to visit these amazing sights. After visiting Banyumala and Munduk Waterfall, they insisted we see Umejero’s local waterfall. This was definitely the most secret waterfall we visited. Imagine an enchanted, fairy tale like forest… beautiful flowers surrounded by greenery, archways and winding paths leading to a beautiful waterfall.

Umejero Waterfall Munduk Bali (72)

Umejero Waterfall Munduk Bali (74) Umejero Waterfall Munduk Bali (76)

The kind of place people would come to be in a quiet state of bliss. Meditate, read a book, or just have a relaxing swim. It was so lovely we had to pinch ourselves. Being a local waterfall, there is no-one waiting in a bamboo booth for your entry fee. Or no one hassling you to buy a guide or pay for parking. It was an all-natural, sacred place. The short walk down to the falls is only around 10-15 minutes. You may even pass the singing men that climb up the trees as clove pickers along the trail

Umejero Waterfall Munduk Bali (69)

So our advice would be, organize at least a few days up in Munduk. Stay at Candra Cottage to get the best experience possible. And make sure you visit these places! We have also written a Top 5 Bali Waterfall Guide for you to check out. If you want to steer away from the tourists’ traps and see the untouched side of Bali, Munduk is for you.

Candra Cottage Umejero Bali (2)

You can find Candra Cottage on and tell them their second daughters, Jackie and Zade sent you. We promise you will be more than well looked after. (Not at all a sponsored post) just overly happy with our experience and want to share it with you!