COME SEE ‘The Tree’ Kuitpo, Adelaide.

As told by Zade Grilloni.

So Jackie and I only get one full day off together, which is Sundays, which SUCKS. So whenever that Sunday comes around each week, best believe we are out adventuring! Even if it ends up being 42 degrees and end up almost getting lost in a forest on 1% battery. That’s what I call determination!

In the midst of South Australia’s Kuitpo Forest, lies this secret enchanted tree surrounded by beautiful tall pine trees on a private property. Now this isn’t any old tree… this tree is actually dead. But that’s what makes it so cool!

It’s like the black sheep of the pines. When your standing right in front of it, its almost as though Maleficent might tap you on the shoulder and ask what your doing in her woods!

I first heard about this magical tree through my sister and she told me how beautiful it was. I knew I had to get down there! I then saw it again on a friend’s Instagram and thought, GOD I NEED TO GO THERE ALREADY!

I found a random blog with what I thought would be the right directions to the tree which was apparently ‘just left of the woodcutters cottage’. But once we got to that area all we saw were pines… lots and lots of pines. Knowing I made a mistake by not finding out the exact directions and destination of the tree, I just kind of silently wandered behind Jackie trying not to give up on finding it!

As I mentioned I had 1% left to look on my maps app and try and find it from satellite mode. With still no enchanted tree in sight we were almost ready to call it. After about 30 minutes in the middle of the forest we came across two lovely ladies on their horses that were happy to give us directions to ‘The Tree’.

‘5 minutes up the road and to the left’ WE MADE IT!!! The private property had an open day for people planning their events as it has been a popular spot for some wedding ceremonies! Honestly, it was just how I imagined… Magical.

So YES it was totally worth the mission! I always see these somewhat obstacles as signs and believe it was to show us to never give up on our adventures! At all costs!



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