COME SEE The Rocks Night Market, Sydney. Australia.


REGION: Sydney

ACCESSIBILITY: Private vehicles & public transport

BEST TIME TO VISIT: 10am-10pm Friday-Sunday from May 24 til June 15.

LOCATION: 7 mins from Sydney CBD | Open in Google Maps

WALKING DISTANCE: 400m one way

TIME REQUIRED: 1-2 hours.

TOURIST RATING: Very busy tourist destination

COST: Free Entry


As told by Jackie Te-Aroha.

The thing that we love the most about markets has to be the street eats, which is followed closely by the opportunity it gives us to support local artists and businesses! And The Rocks Night Market provides both alongside one of the worlds most renowned harbours.

The Rocks is a must visit Sydney destination whether you’re here for a couple of days or living local. It’s situated behind the Sydney Harbour Bridge (icon), and across the Sydney Opera House (double-icon). The area has a unique blend of modern boutique stores, art galleries, bars, upscale restaurants and an ever-changing line up of street performers. There are 100+ heritage listed sites here too which makes The Rocks a melting pot of art, culture and history. It really is the most perfect place in all of Sydney for an open air marketplace. Oh and did I mention that it will be on every weekend for the entire length of VIVID!? Thats 10am-10pm Friday-Sunday from May 24 til June 15, 2019, so allow extra time for a detour from the promenade and get lost in the small streets and laneways.

I planned our visit for the opening weekend of VIVID so that we could hit two birds with one stone, figuratively of course. It was a cold Autumn night as we boarded a train with our adventure bag and a keep cup full of red wine. We arrived at Central Station and changed for the City Circle line which would drop us straight into the heart of Circular Quay. As we stepped off the train we were instantly Wow’ed by bright neon colours splashed upon the city scape. Zade and I alongside hundreds of others stopped to take some quick photos before moving on.

Stepping outside of the station and straight into the thick of the VIVID crowd we maneuvered ourselves towards the Rocks as quickly as we could to find something to eat.

We passed the Samsung Electric Playground installation and turned left just past the Museum of Contemporary Arts (MCA) entering the market on Argyle street next to the Guylian Belgian Chocolate cafe. Wow thats a lot of name dropping… welcome to the city!

Whilst our main reason of visiting was for the food, we still took the time to browse the stalls. Natural perfumes, vegan bags, cork purses, handmade jewellery and artisan chocolate! yes, chocolate. Within about 8 stalls we found ourselves standing at Emporium of Chocolate asking to try more samples. Needless to say we walked away with a little booty of sugar.

At the top of Argyle street the market continues right into Playfair Street. And about half way down the air begins to fill with delicious aromas of FOOOOOD! We followed our noses assessing each stall, their staff and of course the produce. There’s a wide selection to choose from including fresh pastries by Son of a Baker and gourmet flatbreads by Bird and Ewe. But with a portable wood oven we couldn’t say no to Nonna’s pizza at That’s Amore. We ordered the Little Italy and added mushroom and chilli flakes and it was melt in your mouth fucking amazing!! We wanted another but decided to keep exploring the markets in case we came across something else we wanted.

At the intersection of Playfair and George street was a 2pc band set up on a makeshift stage with a seating area. Zade and I are both live music lovers so we stopped to see what style and genre they were playing. They dropped a classic Fleetwood Mac song, Dreams. We both woo’d loudly which caused all eyes from the chilled and relaxed crowd to turn our way. We didn’t pay any mind and continued to send good vibes toward the performers.

After a quick music break we moved upwards along George and shopped the last lot of stalls. Still in search of more delicious food and wanting to see a bit of the VIVID lights we cut down to the waterfront near The Squires Landing to get that iconic Opera House view. We found the food truck area and were tempted by the Filippino Adobbo loaded fries by Mate Burger, the fresh pasta being served directly from a wheel of cheese by some loud bubbly Italians and of course the ice cream sandwiches by Stroop Bros. But, no matter how good any of this food looked, we couldn’t help but want more of Nonnas pizza. So went went back for another and this time added prawn.

Like I said before, if you’re heading into Sydney for VIVID make some time stroll The Rocks Night Market, your stomach will thank you!!


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