COME SEE Suluban Beach Cave, Bali. Indonesia.


REGION: Badung Regency, Bali.

ACCESSIBILITY: Open all year round

BEST TIME TO VISIT: Low tide time is typically sunrise and around 5pm | May to September for the best weather

LOCATION: 1.15 hrs from Canggu | 1hr from Seminyak | Open in Google maps

WALKING DISTANCE: 15 min walk from car park

TIME REQUIRED: 45 – 1 hour if your just checking it out.

TOURIST RATING: Becoming a well known instagramable spot

COST: Entrance is free | Parking 2,000Rp

Uluwatu Bali, Indonesia (67)


Uluwatu is notorious for it’s surf culture. Suluban Beach being one of the hot spots for surfers, they’ve discovered a hidden cave beneath Single Fin bar to access the ocean. The cave has now become quite well known to tourists and is used regularly for photo shoots.

Uluwatu Bali, Indonesia (65)After a short walk down from Single Fin, we reached the bottom of the cave. Expect to see a fair few locals trying to sell you things and photo shoots taking place. When we came it was around 3pm and the tide was a little high, typically very early in the morning or late afternoon the tide is at its lowest and you can walk out and around the cave without getting washed away by the ocean. We suggest checking the tide times the morning of your adventure to avoid high tide.Uluwatu Bali, Indonesia (66)If you’re trying to find an instagrammable spot in Uluwatu, Suluban Cave is for you. We got some beautiful footage with our drone as there were weren’t any “NO DRONE” signs around. We still copped dirty looks from the drone haters. Inevitable we know! Cant deal with the sound or are just jealous? who knows. Unfortunately we accidentally formatted our drones SD card and lost all of the footage from Uluwatu. Thankfully we also took photos from our camera.

Uluwatu Bali, Indonesia (64)

Oh and on the way back to the top we saw some beautiful modest monkeys…. hahahaha