COME SEE Skye Lookout, Adelaide. Australia.

As told by Zade Grilloni.


I have to say one of the best things about living in Adelaide has to be that unlike other Australian cities like Sydney and Melbourne, its A LOT easier to get from A to B in a relatively short amount of time. Most Adelaide-ians share the same joke that anywhere you need to go is only “10 minutes up the road”

But realistically, you could be in the heart of the city and it still would only take around 30 minutes to be down the coast to some of the most incredible beaches… OR in the middle of the hills, standing at one of the prettiest view points overlooking Adelaide… feeling as thought your almost in the sky! (Ok I’m a little bit of an ADL enthusiast).

So one night I said to Jackie, ‘I have to take you to this lookout in the hills!!! It’s almost like a 360 view of Adelaide AND there’s usually never any people there!” I was clearly super excited because who doesn’t love a secret-ish big open lookout spot on top of a hill with hardly any humans around?

Full of excitement on the drive up to the top of the hill, we looked over our shoulder and saw this beautiful purple hazed sunset. So we knew we would be able to get some good shots and enjoy the views!

There’s nothing better than being able to stand on top of a hill, in a quiet space, breathing in fresh air and overlooking your city. Although ill always call Adelaide home, I can’t wait to see what more beautiful sights the future has in store for my eyes. Many more amazing cities to overlook with my love by my side I’m sure.