COME SEE Rottnest Island, Western Australia

As told by Zade Grilloni

Crystal clear, turquoise water and a long strip of soft, white sand all to our selves. Not what I pictured parts of Rottnest Island to be… but boy was I wrong. Envisioning what I assumed to be a small, touristy island close to Perth CBD I definitely didn’t have my hopes up for this adventure.

Rottnest Island (3) Western Australia


After a light breakfast and popping two ginger tablets in preparation for our 35-minute Rottnest Express ferry trip, we ordered an Uber and away we went to Fremantle’s Victoria Quay B Shed for departure. The sail over was fairly smooth thanks to the perfect weather!

Once we arrived we stepped off the boat and claimed our bikes from the ferry company and stopped passed the info center for a map. First stop, BAKERY! Cheers to our Uber driver for the recommendation. Golden flakey puff pastry with free tomato sauce for Zade and Jackie even got real pieces of steak and mushrooms in her pie! We always have room for dessert, so a Vanilla Slice it was! 10/10.

With our tummies full, drone, camera and bags squished onto the back of our bikes… we mapped where we wanted to go and just like that we were off with the wind! Well, I wish there was more wind. A cool breeze would’ve been perfect because it was starting to get really warm.

We took off towards Geordie Bay in search of a heart shaped water hole which was our first stop to send the drone up in the air.


Rottnest Island (2) Western Australia

Being high tide we sent her up and weren’t having much luck seeing the heart. All of a sudden we hear “IS THAT YOUR DRONE”. We look up and see a very angry lady approaching. She then began to tell us that it was in appropriate flying it above her family on the beach and she has small children and we should’ve asked her permission and the sound of it is annoying so we said YEP moving on.

Rottnest Island (8) Western Australia

Peddling away we came across our first big hill, which wasn’t the easiest but, also wasn’t the hardest to endure thus far. Regardless my face had officially become a tomato from exhaustion and heat. F.Y.I Jackie copes a lot better in the sun than myself. i become quite fragile and a little precious.

Short after we came to a big bend and saw what looked like a little slice of heaven… Catherine Bay. We had reached the turquoise, clear water and long strip of white sand with… yep you guessed it NO HUMANS. How lucky were we! Make sure you try and get there on a weekday for a better chance of less humans killing your vibe. We hopped off our bikes and swiftly skipped through the snake bush pathway down to the beach. I just remember being so hot that I stripped off and attempted a dive that looked like a belly flop into the water. What a magical time.

Rottnest Island (1) Western Australia

The feels were REAL. I was Instantly at ease. Tomato face began to fade and so did thy worries. “BABE GET IN THE WATER” Jackie hovers over and dabbles her toes in whilst making her ‘too cold face’ so I told her how crazy she was and kept floating around in heaven. I even had a moment where I thought I want to build a tiny house right above the sand dunes right here. Screw it, lets build a tiny house where ever we visit!! We couldn’t wait to get some cool shots. It was time to let Frida be FREE. Frida is the name of our drone.

Rottnest Island (9) Western Australia

Not keen to keep cycling but keen to see more of the island we were off to the next spot, by this stage we had already endured about 1.5 liters of water EACH – stay hydrated peeps. Gone were the straight, flat roads I was speaking of.. we had hit the hills. Pushing slowly through the steep incline and flying back down to what seems like fun… not when your doing it in the heat all damn day.

Rottnest Island (4) Western Australia

We were nearing ‘The Neck’ but we decided we deserved a break to skull some more water and fly Frida up over some more bays hoping not to hover over that grumpy woman again.

Rottnest Island (7) Western Australia


With our determined, peddling feet, feeling the heat arise from the burning cement and sting of the sun on our backs envisioning what ‘The Neck’ of rottnest will look like we had just enough motivation left in our tanks to keep on keeping on. We were so glad we did… amazing views.

Rottnest Island (6) Western Australia

At this stage I felt my body was slowly shutting down from exhaustion. We had to find a rest spot. Heading back towards home base we came across a little beach this time there were two humans… better than 100 hey? We laid down our towels and had a much needed rest.

Rottnest Island (5) Western Australia

Before we knew it, it was time to start heading back… lucky we didn’t fall asleep. No water left, hungry and extremely tired we hopped back on our bikes and wished we had seat cushions. About another half an hour ride back to home base, almost every steep hill we had to get off our bikes and walk it up the hill, 1 percent motivation by now.

But guess what guys… even though it seems like we almost died… we didn’t! We made it back and decided to treat ourselves with a beer and a subway surrounded by hungry quokkas. Even with all exhaustion “Rotto” ended up being one of the biggest highlights of Perth. Isn’t it nice to be pleasantly surprised! Now ill try not to think too much of anywhere we go until we get there! If we were going back to Rottnest id bring bum cushions and more water!



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