COME SEE Pai Land Split, Pai. Thailand.


REGION: Mae Hong Son Province

ACCESSIBILITY: Open 9am-5pm 7 Days. Arrive by private scooter.

BEST TIME TO VISIT: During the cool season (end Nov -Feb). From midday to early afternoon.

LOCATION: 3 hours from Chiang Mai | 11 minutes from Pai Open in Google Maps

WALKING DISTANCE: 20 minutes return

TIME REQUIRED: 0.5 – 1 hr

TOURIST RATING: Popular tourist site.

COST: By donation.



As told by Jackie Te-Aroha

This attraction is exactly as the name suggests. Located in Pai, where the land…split. But do you want to hear something stranger? Just nights before finding out this place existed I had this nightmare where I was in a bus and all of a sudden the earth opened up and we started falling into the big dark nothingness. Opening lands has always been a fear of mine thanks to Hollywood films and following our Balinese earthquake experience I was still a little bit sensitive to certain motions. So to say this dream shook me a bit is definitely an understatement. And the thought of purposely visiting a place where my fears occurred? Well that just made me question my sanity! But what the heck. Your only in Pai once right? So off we went.

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The Pai Land split is located on the same road as the Buddha Bamboo Bridge and Pam Bok Waterfall so its easy to fit it into a one day adventure. Its a privately operated attraction that opened following an earthquake in 2008. According to the owner he just ‘woke up’ to find his property that way. I mean how a person sleeps during what was obviously a violent jolting of the earth is beyond me, but that’s how the story goes. The split measured 2 meters wide and 11 meters deep after the quake but subsequent activity in 2009 and 2011 have widened it further. Yeah, thats right! We were willingly stepping into an area with a known and active fault line laying beneath. If that ain’t facing your fears I don’t know what is!


I wouldn’t say the actual crack was too impressive but its definitely worth a stop in to visualise the story for yourself. Its a short climb to the top with a return loop that brings you back through a small organic farm. But it was kinda dark and overgrown – and I’m also not a fan of spiders, snakes and anything undomesticated with more or less than 2 legs – so we turned back because I think I’d pushed my limits of fear fighting for the day. The real draw card of the Pai Land Split is actually the hospitality. The owner offered us some Hibiscus tea, home made banana chips and some sort of jam, which hit the sweet spot. Wandering around on the land, lazing in the hammocks and a trialing the organic fruits and sweets are all offered in return for a donation.


This man didn’t see the earthquake as a devastation to his farming lands but as an opportunity for a different type of business. He doesn’t have a set fee but believes in the generosity of his guests. These are all admirable qualities and are the real reason you should visit the Pai Land Split. He was given lemons, but made lemonade… Or Hibiscus and made tea.

Thank you for reminding us that there are good people everywhere!!!