COME SEE Nung Nung Waterfall, Bali. Indonesia.


REGION: Badung Regency, Northern Bali.

ACCESSIBILITY: Open all year round | 7 days a week from 8am to 5pm.

BEST TIME TO VISIT: May through to October | the earlier the better for less of a crowd

LOCATION: 1.5 hrs from Canggu | 1.15 from Ubud Open in Google maps

WALKING DISTANCE: 20 – 30 mins one way

TIME REQUIRED:  1 – 2 hours

TOURIST RATING: A well known waterfall in Bali

COST: Entrance fee of 10,000 Rupiah (approx. AU 90 cents per person) | Parking free

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As told by Zade Grilloni

Nung Nung is a must see if you’re going to check out Bali’s best waterfalls. On this day we organized our driver, John to pick us up from our villa in Canggu and take us to 3 different waterfalls up north. First stop Nung Nung, then Leke Leke and finishing up at Munduk Waterfall. The further north of Bali, the better the falls. Whilst all are worth exploring, some are easier to access than others. Nung Nung’s stairs will have your calves on fleek with the 509 steps you’ll be taking to get down and back up!

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Back at it again with the half made bamboo bridges. You’ll cross a multiple on your waterfall adventures in Bali. Some a little more well put together than others but its all apart of the adventure! Once you reach the bottom you’ll be in awe. You can swim at Nung Nung but be warned, the falls are very powerful making the surrounding rocks very slippery!

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The views are amazing. If one thing’s for sure, Bali has the most spectacular jungle’s we’ve ever seen. We feel blessed to be able to have witnessed these sights. No doubt we will definitely be back! If you’re looking for a driver in Bali get in touch with our man John via WhatsApp +6285 237 841. John covers most areas in Bali including Ubud, Canggu, Seminyak, Jimbaran, Nusa Dua, Uluwatu and Sanur. Let him know Jackie and Zade sent you, you will be in good hands.