COME SEE Munduk Waterfall, Bali.


REGION: Buleleung Regency, Bali

ACCESSIBILITY: Open all year round

BEST TIME TO VISIT: Dry season | March – September

LOCATION: 1.45 hrs from Ubud | 2.15 hrs from Seminyak | Open in Google maps

WALKING DISTANCE: 10 minute walk down to waterfall


TOURIST RATING: Well known in Munduk area, not overly busy

COST: 20,000 Rp entrance fee | 2,000 Rp parking fee

Munduk Bali Indonesia (77)


On our list of favorites in Northern Bali Munduk Waterfall probably comes 4th after Sekumpul and Banyumala, its still definitely worth a visit. And if your a traveling family with children this is the waterfall for you! its Easy to get to, not too much of a strenuous walk down and easy to access.

Munduk Bali Indonesia (71)

We initially heard it was a 2 hour return walk to get down and up so we reconsidered. I then came across it again online and read it was a 10-15 min walk down! we had been fooled. So the same day we visit Leke Leke and aling aling we made sure to check out Munduk Waterfall last as we wanted to finish our day with a not so difficult waterfall to see. We’re glad we did. You can get right up close and personal to it as the base isn’t deep enough to swim in. Its something about the beautiful greenery that surrounds you, its so refreshing.

Munduk Bali Indonesia (88)

Munduk Bali Indonesia (75) Munduk Bali Indonesia (78)




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