COME SEE ‘The Hill’ Mt Osmond, Adelaide. Australia.

As told by Jackie Te-Aroha

Mt Osmond, South Australia (2)


Have you ever been to a place stared out in amazement and thought to yourself I’m definitely coming back but next time I’m bringing friends? Yup, that’s exactly how I felt standing on this hill and it made me fall in love with Adelaide just that little bit more.

Mt Osmond, South Australia


The first time I went up was when I visited Adelaide in the summer of 2017 after seeing a few photos of a majestic sunburnt hill overlooking the city on Instagram. I found a way up that required the least amount of walking through another blog and was blessed with the most amazing orange tinged sunset that lit the city on fire. The only thing I regret was not having anyone beside me to share it with.

Mt Osmond, South Australia


The first time I took Zade to see the spot was the day after we got back from the US for a sunrise because our bodies hadn’t adjusted to the time difference yet. It was freezing but beautiful. There was plenty of wind blowing the clouds across the sky looking inland towards Cleland Conservation which would have made for a beautiful time-lapse had I’d taken my camera with me. But that didn’t bother me because I really enjoy living the moment without feeling the need to capture it all the time. Never the less it was an amazing morning and I was happy this time that I was sitting next to my baby.

The third visit was on a chilly mid-week evening and after finishing work early I raced home to grab both Zade and my camera for a spur of the moment adventure. We drove to one of the two little unmarked parking spots near the service gate entrance to the Mount Osmond Golf Club, pulled up and began the short walk. We didn’t have a lot of time before the sun set at 8.30 so with our rainbow hammock-blanket under arm and my camera bag thrown over my shoulder we set out along the path. I followed Zade closely behind taking photos of her as she made her way out to what I now call ‘My Favourite Hill’.

Mt Osmond, South Australia (4)


The sun rises in the east and sets in the west, which in Adelaide means it sets over the water. Facing west waiting for the show to begin I glanced over my shoulder to see a beautiful purple-pink wash sky with a full moon blaring in the distance. I shrieked in excitement and told Zade to quickly get out there so I could set my tripod up before the colour changed too much. This was the third time I’ve been to this spot and needless to say I am yet to be disappointed. Its definitely one of Adelaide’s secret gems and because it isn’t on the tourist radar it makes for a cute little spot for picnic dates with wine and cheese. Hmmm that us next time babe?



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