COME SEE The Minnamurra Headland Coastal Walk + Lookout, Illawarra. Australia.


REGION: Illawarra

ACCESSIBILITY: Private car, limited access via public transport.

BEST TIME TO VISIT: Summer (Dec-Feb)| Temps average 17-27 degrees

LOCATION: 1:45 mins from Sydney CBD | 29 mins from Wollongong | Open in Google Maps



TOURIST RATING: Quiet. A few locals.




As told by Jackie Te-Aroha.

If we were to recommend a morning walk in the Kiama area… hang on, we are! And this is it! In just under an hour you’ll experience a variety of environments from quiet neighbourhood streets to *takes breath*… rolling green hills overlooking a river and two beaches with lookout points that stand high above the South Pacific Ocean whose waves swish and swirl among the rocks below. And you can do it all before brunch!

There are three points you can begin this walk from depending if you would like to go beach to bay, bay to beach or street to street. But for the purpose of this post, we’re going to assume you want to start at the beach. So, go ahead and park your vehicle at the small car park at the end of Eureka Ave, Minnamurra. To your right you’ll see Jones Beach and on the left side you’ll see a pathway that marks the start of this short walk that packs a punch.

Follow the path for approximately 250m until you reach the uppermost peak of the hill where theres a sign identifying the points of interests before you. Looking north, you’ll see the Minnamurra spit that divides the river from the ocean and has a small opening that allows recreational boats and jet skis out to play. The two beaches you see make up a part of the Killalea State Park. The longer shore in the foreground is Mystics Beach whilst the one off into the distance is known as The Farm. More information on the Killalea State Park and its two beaches can be found here >> Killalea State Park, Illawarra.

At this point you’ll want to stop following the path and start forging your own. If you look down the hill you should see some small blue trail markers. These will now guide the next part of the walk towards the James Oats Reserve boat ramp. The trail stays quite a way back from the edge which is great if heights make you dizzy, but its also very easy to veer off and start exploring which is great for those more adventurous souls.

As you walk down you’ll see multiple opportunities to steer right towards the ocean. You don’t have to take them all but we would recommending you take the largest towards Minnamurra Lookout which leads slightly upwards to a vantage point overlooking Stack Island. Take in the beauty of the coastline, realise how blessed we are and then make your way back down the hill towards the boat ramp. At the bottom, you can decide whether to take some time and enjoy the calm crystal waters of the river or you can continue the loop through the neighbourhood to rejoin the trail.

Neighbourhood Walk: Follow the carpark out to Charles Ave and turn left. Take the first left into Carson Place and you’ll see the path at the end of the cul-de-sac. This is an optional start-point if you would like to park here and do the street-to-street loop or the smaller 1.4km Minnamurra Lookout loop.

Once you rejoin the path is a leisurely 650m stroll back to the Eureka Ave car park. The whole walk comes in at just under 2km and can be done with kids, pets or your choice of caffeinated beverage in hand. We recommend taking it early in the morning as the softer light works wonders in photos but it also means you’ll have the whole day to explore more of the Illawarra region!