COME SEE Maquinit Hot Springs, Coron. Philippines.


REGION: Palawan Province

ACCESSIBILITY: Via hired motorbike/scooter | Jeepney | Tricycle

BEST TIME TO VISIT: During the cool season (Oct – Feb) | temp ranging from around 21 – 32 degrees

LOCATION: 20 min drive from | Open in Google Maps

WALKING DISTANCE: 2 min walk from car park

TIME REQUIRED: 1 hr – how ever long you like!

TOURIST RATING: Mostly locals and a few tourists when we went.

COST: 200php entry fee (aprox. $5 aud) | Free parking


BALANCE is key right? With all of our wild adventure days, we enjoy keeping some kind of balance in our life with the occasional needed R&R. Or in our case, find the nearest beach or hot spring and soak away for a few hours! Compared to the Sai Ngam hot springs in Pai, Maquinit was quite a lot warmer with temps hitting up to 40 degrees. There were apparently even some people that were bringing their eggs to boil in the water for a snack! We had finished our hike up to Mt Tapyas, and were keen to relax our muscles and recharge.


Hot springs are excellent in the cooler months but in the warmer months, you’d definitely want to go at night so you’re not sweating up a storm! On arrival we payed our entry fee of 200 pesos which was fairly reasonable, along with the hot springs were some pretty cool views as well. Once we got there we tested the waters and then decided to go and check out the views on the not-so-stable decking. It was blissful. Calm, peaceful water beneath us, amazing views! It was time to unleash our drone and catch the sunset.


This is where things got a little REAL. The signal kept dropping in and out from our phone which meant we lost sight of the drones camera view on the screen. Which also meant, we couldn’t see where the drone was! Trying to see it in the sky was like trying to find a needle in a hay stack. It was so high up, we lost eyes on it. Then the sound of panic happened “Battery Low” “Aircraft will land if not returned to home” “Landing, Landing”. While our remote was trying to warn us of the situation at hand, the signal was still dropping in and out. Jackie could see glimpses of it heading straight down for the water, stress levels were through the roof! we could’nt have another drone die on us in the space of two months!. We couldn’t stop the drone from wanting to land but we COULD half control the direction. As it was lowering, Jackie was trying desperately to direct it back to us, It looked as though its going to make it! 4 meters away, it was heading toward us. 1 meter away… IT HITS THE DAMN RAILING!!!!!!! falling straight into the water beneath the decking. Jackie jumped in but it was too late, our drone had been fully submerged into the salty water.

This was the THIRD death with our equipment in the space of 3 months. First the camera, then our drone Frida, now our new drone Alpha! We seriously couldn’t believe it. It was one of those occasions where you’re in such dis-belief you just laugh… and then cry hysterically. We were absolutely shattered. Ive never seen Jackie so upset since knowing her. At this point she wanted to throw in the towel all together. Its quite rare for us both to be equally upset at the same time so one thing we both try to do for each other is just remain level headed and try to calm the other one down. But through this incident, I initially tried to remind her of the positives but ended up just staying pretty silent. I knew she was blaming herself as she was the one with the remote but accidents happen!

One thing we are so appreciative of from our trip is the amount that both of us have learnt along the way. It was kind of like someone was testing us to see how badly we wanted this lifestyle and showing us the reality of travelling full time. Sometimes sh*t goes wrong… but why? what its there to TEACH us? we must look deeper than the preconceived issue at hand, theres a message in the moment! Always. We have learnt to treat our equipment like a new born baby and NEVER loose eyes on our drone! We shall rebuild!