COME SEE Litchfield National Park, Darwin. Australia.


REGION: Northern Territory

ACCESSIBILITY: Open 24 hours

BEST TIME TO VISIT: Mid June – late August

LOCATION: 1.5 hrs from Darwin CBD | Open in Google Maps

WALKING DISTANCE: Walks vary from 1 – 4km return loop

TIME REQUIRED: 3 – 4 days

TOURIST RATING: Popular tourist site

COST: Park entrance is free | camping fees from $3.30 – $6.60 per person


As told by Zade Grilloni

The Northern Territory has become quite notorious for their amazing National Parks – Litchfield being one of them. This was definitely our most enjoyed park in the Territory. Litchfield is the ultimate waterfall-hopping destination. We spent 3 days at this gem and loved every minute. First stop, Florence Falls. A breathtaking twin waterfall surrounded by pure NT jungle. There are 160 steps down to reach the plunge pool but with such amazing scenery, it’s worth it. With roughly every 20 or so steps you could stop and check out the views. Once we got down we realized it was a pretty popular spot and apparently even more popular in the school holidays.

Litchfield, Northern Territory

Can you believe this was my first time swimming under a waterfall! My favorite part was swimming under the crashing water. The sound and pressure was intense but so beautiful. Considering Florence Falls wasn’t the tallest falls in Litchfield, she definitely had some power. Once it hit about 3o’clock people were starting to leave and before we knew it, it was just Jackie and I. Photo shoot time!

Litchfield, Northern Territory

We checked the time and realized we hadn’t set up camp yet so we quickly packed up and headed for the Florence Falls campground. As expected, it was completely full so we drove on with fingers and toes crossed. Wangi Falls campsite it was! We managed to squeeze between two campers whilst copping a few daggers; we had a place to sleep! Ah the relief. Again, it was school holiday’s guys, make sure you check your dates if you don’t want to go when it’s busy.

Litchfield, Northern Territory

The next morning, we were keen to have a swim in Wangi Falls but once we got there, we ended up having a bad feeling that there might’ve been a croc in there. It didn’t help that the water looked dark and scary. We decided to dip our toes in and admire the view whilst saying a small prayer for the solo man having a swim.

Litchfield, Northern Territory

After finding coffee to fuel our soul and pool noodles to help us float, we headed to Buley Rock Pools. This was our number one favorite at Litchfield! A series of cascading falls that created a number of rock pools. Picturesque to say the least, this was the most enjoyable spot because it was super relaxing and easy to get to.

Litchfield, Northern Territory

That night we managed to get a spot back at Florence Falls Campground by making sure we got there around 2. Because we loved Buley Rock Pools so much, we decided to get up at sunrise the next morning to be the first ones there. There’s something so special and calm about the being in nature around dawn. It gave us a fresh mindset for the day.

Litchfield, Northern Territory

After our morning bath, we decided to check out the Tolmer Falls lookout point. It didn’t disappoint! Only a short 3-minute walk from the car park it’s a great little spot to take in the views. We were also pretty blessed with the weather we had at Litchfield it was clear sunny skies.

Litchfield, Northern Territory Litchfield, Northern Territory

If you do decide to visit, the wet season spans from November to April so depending if you want sunny blue skies or not we recommend going around the beginning of dry season. For instance we went in late July and the falls were flowing.

Litchfield, Northern Territory

Back on the road to Darwin, we suddenly remembered to check out this amazing spot we heard about. One of the most amazing views in Darwin… it was called the Whopper with cheese at Hungry Jacks National Park muahahaha

Litchfield, Northern Territory


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