COME SEE Kings Park, Perth. Australia.

As told by Jackie Te-Aroha.

Immediately following our Crawley Boat House mini-venture I had another one planned that included, you guessed it,  more walking. Yay for holiday exercise!! The Crawley steps were our South-Western gateway into the most popular visitor destination in Western Australia, Kings Park. They were also our first photo-stop along the way. After climbing 10 or so steps I felt as if I was in another world. The greenery encapsulated my mind and made me feel so far away from the bustling city that lay just 4km’s away. It was a stark contrast from the landscape we had just left 100m down the road and a welcomed one at that! The trees created a canopy that shaded us from the rays of what was heating up to be quite a warm late summers days. I was getting excited for all the things I had read about the Law Walk.

Crawley Steps Kings Park, Western Australia

I had read that it was a stunning walk along the Mt Eliza escarpment that edged the Swan River and provided a birds eye view over the CBD. I read that it was steep in parts and not entirely wheelchair accessible. I read that it was a popular trail for locals who were looking for a moderate jogging track. I thought to myself great! This walk will be nice segue from the Blue Boat House to the State War Memorial where we could chill under the palms trees on the park’s carpet like grass. I mean, we were going to need a rest after a 2.5km trek on a 33-degree day. But the reality was quite the opposite. It was more like an unkempt narrow footpath that lead through the overgrown Australian bush with minimal openings and vantage points.

Law Walk Kings Park, Western Australia

Zade and I both thought there were plenty of opportunity for amazing views had they cleared some of the bush from the cliff edge. But looking back I understand that the whole point of it was to keep parts of the park completely natural and that I respect. We pushed on hoping for something better and then all of a sudden I found myself passsing underneath some sort of overhead walkway. I looked at Zade and said babe let’s turn around I think we can get up there back this way. I imagined Zade’s inner voice saying ‘Back? I’m not interested in going back. We need to go forward. It’s hot. I’m tired. I need to pee and I’m sick of this walk!’. But without waiting to hear her verbalise the words I began retracing my steps. To our surprise (and my relief) just up around the bend was the entry to the Lottery West Federation Walkway.

Lottery West Walkway Kings Park, Western Australia

The Walkway is a 620 m treetop walkway that gave us the goods I thought Law Walk was going to provide. As we continued along our way towards the city this time on a new route, we were blessed with some beautifully lush views of the Botanic Gardens below. There were also plenty of plaques along the way full of cultural history explaining the native use of some of the surrounding flora. Off the right were the picturesque views that I had read about including the Old Brewery that sits on the Swan River. It was all there! Just like they had said. And Although Federation Walkway wasn’t in the plans for the day I was sooooo glad we skipped out on Law Walk.

The Old Brewery Kings Park, Western Australia

Although a little more crowded – and for good reason – the remainder of the walk was relatively short as we strolled casually through the treetops. Once we reached the other end of the walkway we were greeted by a cute little shelter that you guessed it… we took photos under. It’s called content creation!

Kings Park, Western Australia

We were hot, tired and hungry so now that we were out of the bush our conversations turned to lunch. We had just walked approximately 4km from our accommodation in Shenton park to Kings park via the Blue Boat House but I insisted we continue just a little further because I wanted Zade to see the top of the park where the palm trees I mentioned earlier resided. We arrived not more than 10 minutes later and I could tell she was underwhelmed. Oh well, some you win, some you loose and others you’ve just gotta take on the chin. Whilst the walk wasn’t entirely enjoyable we still saw some gorgeous views and got some cute pics right babe? *Imagines Zade standing in front of me NOT saying a word. Did someone say burgers and cider? I’ll book the Uber.

Kings Park, Western Australia (2)