COME SEE Romblon Island Tour, Romblon. Philippines.


REGION: Romblon Province

ACCESSIBILITY: All islands accessible via hired boat

BEST TIME TO VISIT: During the cool season (Oct – Feb) | Temp ranging from around 21 – 32 degrees

LOCATION: Romblon Province


TIME REQUIRED: 1 – 2 hours per island or more!

TOURIST RATING: All islands we visited, we were the only tourists there!

COST: 1,500 for 3 different islands and typically your own desired hours can be chosen




For part of our stay in the Romblon province, we organized 3 nights accommodation at a place called Tinaoog Beach Resort located at a small island called Alad. It was situated in a secluded island cove and was very one of the best accommodations we’ve stayed at! Apart from being highly eco-friendly, it was cosy and had a relaxing, peaceful vibe to it. We had booked knowing it would be very remote so before we left for Alad, we knew we had to find someone to book an island tour with!

We were down at BonBon Beach on Romblon Island and a boat pulled up with 3 people and a boatman so we walked straight up to him, introduced ourselves and asked if he did island tours! His name was Manuel and he was more than happy to take us on a tour. We booked with his price of 1,500 php (roughly $30 AUD) which included pick up from our accommodation on Alad Island, then to Cobrador Island, Logbon Island, back to Alad to see a sandbar and then back around to our accommodation!

First stop was Cobrador Island! We were super excited for this one. This place was awesome. It reeked of adventure and beauty. We first stopped on the west side of the island where a primary school was to pay the environmental fee which was around 20php. Environmental fee’s are common for most small islands in the Philippines to help keep them clean and preserved. The water was amazing. We took our first of many refreshing swims for the day and enjoyed our surroundings. We then headed over to the tiniest island we’d ever seen. It was an island by the name of Marakay Marakay dedicated purely to a cliff jump into the pristine blue water. It was incredible!


When we arrived, we noticed two workers making a new ramp to be able to jump off and easily get back up from the same side. We put our life jackets on and Jackie was first up. She walked out to the edge of the board and stopped. She said she couldn’t do it! She was hunched over like a wombat and I was laughing at her “cmon babeee, just jump!” and she did! I was acting all confident, certain id jump. Until I stood out there and didnt. Hahaha. I felt my feet glue to the board with fear. The last time I cliff jumped, in Second Valley back home in Aus. It took a bunch of 10-12 year olds shouting out a countdown to get me to jump. I did it, but mid-air it felt as though I was having a minor stroke. I wanted so badly to do this jump!!!! all I was thinking was “You’re in the Philippines! Just do it!!” but no I felt the stroke coming on. I should’ve just got someone to push me off. My darling on the other hand… Champion!



After watching Jackie and Manuel, our boatman jump a few more times we set off in search of sea turtles! We had our hearts set on swimming with them so we hopped back on the boat and headed over to an area where they were usually seen. We put our snorkels on and swam like fishes to try and find them. We came about 10 meters from one but it got away! After about 45mins of searching, we decided it just wasn’t meant to be. Maybe they wanted to be alone that day! We didn’t want them to feel scared so we called it and headed to the next island.


Logbon Island was beautiful. We didn’t get to spend too much time here as we had planned to be back in Alad to see a sandbar at 2pm for low tide. But from what we saw, it was just as beautiful as ever other island we saw. If we spent more time here we would find these certain caves we heard about. There’s always next time! As we were leaving we saw a beautiful edge of the island surrounded by amazing palms so we asked Manuel if we could turn back and get some shots! He was more than happy to help us out.



Alad sandbar was a litttttle disappointing. It was almost as though the tide was a little too low and showed a little too much rock. I mean it was still beautiful! Just hard to compare to BonBon of course! A little sun burnt and very hungry ready for some delicious chicken adobo, we headed back to our little cove. We highlyyyy recommend tinaoog. They cooked us breakfast lunch and dinner and every single meal was deliciouuus. They even made us garlic bread when we were craving it! They offer a variety of Asian and French cuisine and the owners have the cutest little daughter. She is the real life Moana. About 5 years old, she runs around half naked always in and around the water! You’ll see her running on sharp coral and rocks barefoot laughing! She is the cutest thing ever.

Our highlight of the tour was definitely Cobrador Island. When we head back to the Phils, we’ll make sure we spend more time there! And maybe even get the balls to jump off that damn island!