COME SEE Innes National Park, Yorke Peninsula. Australia.

As told by Zade Grilloni

Whenever I open maps on my phone and see a national park I haven’t explored yet a little part of me whispers, ‘just get in the car and drive”. I’ve found it’s been the best way to not only soothe the spontaneity in my soul, but also to find hidden gems. I’ve realized I get such satisfaction from visiting untouched places. Finding a beach with clear, golden sand and not a footprint or human in sight just turns me on. Having the huge privilege of my family’s holiday shack in Port Victoria on the Yorke Peninsula has been excellent. Being two and a half hours drive from Adelaide and just another hour and a half to Innes, one might even call this place South Australia’s best kept secret!

Innes National Park, South AustraliaSo over the Easter long weekend back in April, we joined my family at the shack and allocated the Saturday all to Innes. We even managed to get my sister to come with us for her first National Park experience. We knew she would be in for an absolute treat. She’s slowly starting to become more accustom to our constant PDA. So after a big brekkie, Jackie, Jordan and Myself oh and Frida (our drone) were off. The sun was shining and the sky was clear with a top of 25 degrees. Perfect weather for an adventure. With trails ranging from 30min strolls to four-hour treks, we decided to take the Stenhouse Lookout Walk along the coast. Within the first few minutes we came across an old historic train, from the early 1900’s. Quick photo shoot girls? Yup.

Innes National Park, South AustraliaMaking our way around the bend, we were amazed by the tall, rugged cliffs that fell to crashing turquoise water. It was so mesmerizing that we took a seat and watched in awe. I just couldn’t stop thinking of how lucky we are to live in Australia with a coastline like ours. Not to mention a free Australian safari with roaming kangaroos, emus, wombats and birds.

Innes National Park, South Australia

Innes National Park, South AustraliaCape Spencer Lookout was next up. Before we had a chance to walk up to the lighthouse we looked down to our right and saw my favorite kind of view. An untouched beach!!!! There that voice was again telling me we had to get down there one way or another. There were no stairs, no walkways… just a very, very steep wall of sandy bush that went down about 50 meters.

Innes National Park, South AustraliaBeing my usual curious self I decided to slowly walk down near the edge and realized there could’ve been snakes at our feet if we were to take this chance going down but trying to ignore these thoughts I was up for the challenge. “lets go girls” sliding and slipping through the sand and bush we were coming in hot. Laughing hysterically at ourselves wondering how the hell we were going to get back up afterwards.

Innes National Park, South Australia

Innes National Park, South AustraliaWith shoes full of sand and black thongs that turned into white thongs we made it down snakebite free! The only thing we regretted was not bringing a 6 pack of ciders down with us… this beach was incredible. It felt like a dream. With happiness filling our minds we started to explore! It was magic.

Innes National Park, South AustraliaAnd just like that 2 hours had passed by. We looked up and thought “shit.” How the hell were we going to get back up without sliding back down? I decided to get a head start because if anyone were to fall, it would be me. I said a small prayer “please god let us get up this hill not injured”. Calves burning I began climbing up trying to find any kind of bush stick to hang on to. As I’m pulling myself up I looked back down and saw Jordan then a struggling Jackie behind her.

Innes National Park, South AustraliaI could feel Jackie’s pain with her tripod with camera in hand trying to magically get up this hill. After many little breaks to catch our breath we finally got back to the top THANK THE LORD. It was a hard climb but it definitely taught me that you’ve got to risk it to get the biscuit. Dying of thirst, we grabbed an icy cold cider out of the esky when we got back to the car. It was the best tasting cider yet. We decided we wanted immediate chill so we drove straight to shell beach and had a mini picnic on the sand. Shell beach not only has a beautiful range of shells but some pretty gorgeous swimming holes in among the rocks too.

Innes National Park, South Australia

Innes National Park, South AustraliaWhat a day! We saw some of the best coastline of South Australia, swam in swimming holes and risked our lives for a beach. Another day in the life of us. My advice, always listen to that little fearless voice when a spontaneous invitation arises. You never know what you’ll be rewarded with.