COME SEE Injidup Natural Spa, South West. Australia.


REGION: Yallingup, Western Australia

ACCESSIBILITY: Natural attraction accessible all year round

BEST TIME TO VISIT: Late November through to early March for the best weather

LOCATION: 3hrs from Perth CBD | Open in Google Maps

WALKING DISTANCE: 5 minute walk from parking area

TIME REQUIRED: how every long you like!

TOURIST RATING: A local favourite in summer

COST: Free


As told by Jackie Te-Aroha.

Natural Spa! Need I say more? Not really, but I’m going to. Of course this spot was on our radar prior to arriving in Perth because a bubbling basin of seawater crafted by our talented Mother Nature sounds absolutely incredible doesn’t it? Yup, so here we were yet again fleeing to the waters edge to witness yet another picturesque Australian coastal setting.

Injidup Natural Spa, Western Australia

Injidup Natural Spa is in a town called Yallingup, 3 hours drive south of Perth CBD and just north of the famous surf town, Margaret River. Injidup Beach is also known for its good surf breaks, but we’re not here to talk about the surf. We’re here to talk about the spa. We’re here to talk about the waves that crash against the rocks where only a small stream of fizzing water flows through and into a naturally formed rock pool. The way the unruly ocean water is tamed once falling into the shallows beneath is a sight that must be witnessed with ones own eyes.

Injidup Natural Spa, Western Australia (4)

Are you about to book your next summer holiday in Western Australia? If not let me continue. If you’re looking for a whole or multi-day adventure (and hella fit) then give the Cape-to-Cape track a go. The whole thing runs from Cape Naturaliste to Cape Leeuwin and passes by a host of beautiful tourist sites. It’s 135km in length – hence the hella fit comment – but it can also be taken at your own leisure. The track is broken into 5 official sections – no pressure – with free campsites in all, but one. You can choose a self-guided AKA slower and more realistic walk, book a private tour or be an iron man and run through it as fast as you can. But if you’re on more of a strict timeframe like we were, you can jump in at one of the many entry points like the one at Injidup. From there you can wander just far enough to loose sight of the car park and get lost in the innate beauty of this place forgetting that you have a life, job and responsibilities to return to. Still not convinced huh? Well I suppose one less body at this pristine spot will won’t disappoint those who do visit.

Injidup Natural Spa, Western Australia (5)

On the day we visited the weather was average to say the least. I told Zade she had to take one for the team and get in for our photos knowing full well that I wasn’t getting anywhere near that water. When we arrived we saw a few shivering tourists returning to their vehicles… they weren’t doing anything to support my cause getting zade in for a quick dip. We made our way down to the rocks and found a group of friends each egging each other to get in. A few braved the cold whilst the smart stayed fully dressed and dry. We chose to follow the lead of the smart.

Injidup Natural Spa, Western Australia (3)

We then took toward the rock wall to gaze upon the wild ocean. Whilst out there we caught a glimpse of an amazing curling wave off to the left. We climbed back down towards the beach and couldn’t believe what we were seeing. As we got closer and closer the views became even more outstanding. I stood there perched on a rock day dreaming about how I wish the gods would blow this cloud away allowing the sun bless us with its warm rays, so we could frolic in the shallow waters below. And then I realised I was doing that thing I do where I look like a Sped zoned out mouth wide open and head tilted slightly! So I stopped. Looked back towards Zade and agreed to call it a day.

Injidup Natural Spa, Western Australia (2)

Not a toe was dipped, nor a photo of the two of us taken. But we thoroughly enjoyed the sounds and visuals Indijup offered and vowed to visit again.