COME SEE Hallett Cove, Adelaide. Australia.

As told by Zade Grilloni.

Hallet Cove Boardwalk, South AustraliaThe only time we don’t mind trekking a round trip of ascending and descending flights of stairs is only if we know we’ll be surrounded with lush nature and amazing cliff side ocean views.

Starting from the Boatshed Café car park, we made our way up through the gullies that lead to winding paths and boardwalks linked by some steep wooden staircases BUT DID I MENTION HOW YOUR REWARDED WITH SOME EPIC VIEWS? (totally worth it guys).

With determined looking locals on their early morning hikes I soon realized for them It would probably take 1.5 to 2 hours. For the easily distracted photog’s and the “I’m just going to take a minute to enjoy this view” type it MAY take anywhere up to 5 hours.

Hallet Cove Boardwalk, South Australia

After reaching the first lookout point over Hallet Cove Beach I can almost guarantee you’ll find yourself wanting more. There’s just something about being alongside the high cliff edges, overlooking the great wide ocean that gets me.

Don’t forget to look down too! We were fascinated by the pretty coves below us. Trying not to roll an ankle as we ventured along the beautiful array of rocks, pebbles, and stones Jackie noticed a rock that had a perfectly positioned in-dent for our bums. CHILL SPOT check!

Hallet Cove Boardwalk, South Australia

On our way back through we noticed some of the prettiest lush valleys in between the stairs that reminded me a little bit of Tasmania because of the greenery. As we headed to the last lookout point I took one last look at the view and thought to myself just how lucky we are to live in South Australia with some of the most amazing coastline.

I now completely understand why the locals choose Hallett Cove for their morning walk… what great way to start a fresh day!

Totally worth the trek my dudes.

Hallet Cove Boardwalk, South Australia



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