COME SEE The Glebe Market, Sydney, Australia.


REGION: Sydney

ACCESSIBILITY: Private vehicles & public transport

BEST TIME TO VISIT: 10am – 4pm every Saturday

LOCATION: 7 mins from Sydney CBD | Open in Google Maps

WALKING DISTANCE: 400m one way

TIME REQUIRED: 1-2 hours.

TOURIST RATING: Not overly busy

COST: Free Entry


As told by Zade Grilloni.

Let me just start off by saying.. Glebe is a straight VIBE. One our kinda vibes. The main street is filled with gems. I’m talking vintage bookstores with secret bars tucked away in the back, Spanish tapas bars, chill bars with sweet live acoustics (ok I didn’t just notice all the bars) – also lots of delicious coffee spots and big red Autumn trees but one of the best additions… an awesome market that’s on every Saturday! That’s what we like that’s what we like. Being on the outskirts of the CBD, the inner west definitely has more of a chilled feel. You could say more alternative too. The Glebe Market is pretty diverse. We saw multiple stalls with pre-loved items selling for dirt cheap, vintage up-cycles, records and books, handmade jewellery, every kind of sunglasses you could imagine and the fooooood… So much deliciousness.

We love getting on the train to go into town but we decided to drive in because Glebe is apart of the Inner West which is just out of the city so parking is far more accessible and wont cost you an arm and leg. We easily found a park just two side streets away from the market which was so handy! The market is located on the corner of Derby Place and Glebe Point Road and is held in the grounds of Glebe Public School every Saturday 10am – 4pm.

The first stall we noticed was the sunglasses lady… she had every kind of pair so of course Jackie had to model them all for me. Next was one of many jewellery stalls. REFRAIN Zade, refraiiiiin. Sometimes you’ll go to a market and see 5 of the same stalls with identical items and just a different name – so when I see uniquely handmade jewellery I get excited and then Jackie has to remind me of our financial status.

When we arrived, we got the gist that Glebe Market was well known for locals holding stalls selling their pre-loved items. I enjoyed even just walking by and admiring people’s different unique styles. It reminded me of the suitcase rummage we went to in summer where people bring a suitcase filled with things they want to sell and literally open their suitcase for people to rummage through! Similar to Glebe Markets, some people were selling items for $5 and under! madness. It was so cool to see so many people buying these items. With all the fast fashion brainwashing going on in the world its good to see people reusing and recreating looks with pre-loved garments instead of throwing them in the bin after a month. We ended up leaving with three T’s! This one below was my favourite.

THE PLANTS THO! How could I not mention the plants. Who doesn’t love a few succulents for $5 a pop. I think succulents are the way to go for our next plant baby because lawd knows we need them less maintenance plants.

Now for the important part… the fooOoOd. We love to take a lap of the food stalls and see which one smelt the best and freshest. We hadn’t had Indian in sooo so long so this was extra amazing for us. We had a deliciously fresh Tandoori chicken wrap, with a side of butter chicken and a tasty eggplant curry. These guys were called Authentic Spices and oh my were they on point. We found a cosy little spot under a big tree where the light was shining through. It felt lovely to just sit with my babe around some Italian tourists and just enjoy the moment of good food and sweet sun on a winters day.

After lunch, we decided to take a stroll down the main street – this is where we stumbled across the first gem called Sappho Books. As we were walking in I saw the liquor license signage on the window and thought HOLD ON A SECOND… could it be… liquor… in a book store… amazing!!!!!! Jackie and I had said multiple times over the past two years how we LOVE the idea of a bookstore, with a fireplace and bar combo. We might’ve just found it! We were excited to see it but at the same time, in a hurry to get home so we didn’t stay but we will definitely be back Sappo!

A few doors down, across the street was where we found The Works Showroom. The Works is a co working, event space with a collaborative retail concept that offers pop up retail spaces for local brands, artists and makers. LOVE the support of locals! This place was awesome.

Overall, the day was sweet. That’s the word I want to use. Sweet vibes, sweet sun, and my sweetheart next to me. GLORIOUS DAY! Do yourself a favor and check out The Glebe Markets then go for a stroll down the street, you’ll be surprised at what you just might find.


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