COME SEE The Finders Keepers Market, Sydney. Australia.


REGION: Sydney

ACCESSIBILITY: Public transport is the best option.

BEST TIME TO VISIT: The Cutaway is an event venue located within a harbour front shopping and dining precinct.

LOCATION: 7 Mins Sydney CBD | Open in Google Maps

WALKING DISTANCE: 15 minute walk from Wynard Station.

TIME REQUIRED: 2 hours +

TOURIST RATING: Popular market for people of all ages.

COST: $5



As told by Jackie Te-Aroha.

Finders Keepers! It’s a saying that sends me back to my childhood in the mid 90’s when elastics, yo-yos and tamagotchis were king. A time when we collected little plastic discs known as Tazo’s and I played marbles in the dirt with the boys whilst the girls did jump rope. Marbles and Tazos were an inexpensive yet highly valued commodity as kids so when you came across some laying around the playground you would yell “Finders Keepers!” Which ultimately meant suck shit to whoever forgot these because they’re mine now. And it was a legit statement of ownership!! It was a verbal, legally binding transition of property from one person to another. One other thing I want to mention is that there are two ways of playing these games. The first was called ‘friendly’, where at the end the winner would nicely return their opponents possessions. The second was called ‘keeps’… I’ve always played for keeps.


Skip forward 20+ years and I can now add a new association to the words Finders Keepers after visiting the Finders Keepers Market at Barangaroo, Sydney. This new association however is a lot less capitalistic than that of my childhood and more supportive of the collective goal to promote independent makers and designers from Australia. The market is currently in their 11th year of operations which kicked off in 2008, and is now a biannual event across Sydney, Brisbane and Melbourne making it one of Australia’s leading design markets.


We chose to visit the Finders Keepers for our Sunday Funday adventure. Yes, Sunday Funday is a real thing here! It’s an Opal Card benefit which gives you an all day pass on any Sydney, Blue Mountains, Central Coast, Hunter and Illawarra train, bus, ferry or light rail service for $2.70… TWO DOLLARS SEVENTY! Like I’m pretty sure its costs me almost that just to get the van out of the driveway. And living 1 hour west of the city… it’s a no brainer really. So, with an Oprah’s Super Soul Conversation podcast playing and my girl by my side we took a leisurely and cheap ride from the west to Wynard Station.


We took exit 4 towards Barangaroo following the underground tunnel and way finding signage toward the market via the construction detours. There was a decent crowd both coming and going. We made it to The Cutaway a little wetter than anticipated after the skies opened up forcing us to sprint the last 100m of our 15 minute walk from the station. The Cutaway is a beautiful underground venue that has literally been ‘cut away’ from the North Western headland with a large natural skylight that runs vertically along the right side highlighting the gorgeous raw texture of the earth wall. Now picture that space filled with a bustling marketplace of artisan goods, beats and eats. We paid our $5 entry fee and walked straight towards the food… of course, nothing unusual there.


We then took a casual stroll around the stores looking at all the lifestyle products most of which were geared towards eco friendly alternatives, to-die ceramic home wares, bold statement pieces of jewellery and high-quality locally made garments. These are the types of markets that we really enjoy visiting as we dive further into the world of conscious consumerism because we want to ensure, where possible that our purchases support the dreams and passions of small business owners over increasing profit margins of big corporations. With a quick coffee pitt stop mid way we managed to get around all the stores and walked away a mouth watering tea from @ttotalertea, a heavenly scented bath bomb from @BlueMamaMakes and our eye on the cutest (but slightly out of our price range), handcrafted ceramic keep cups.


For us, Sunday Funday and our visit to the Finders Keepers Market is never about coming home with a lot of things. It’s about educating ourselves on the alternatives available to us. And, more importantly, it’s about spending quality time together. So if you’re looking for something a little bit different to do then we would definitely recommend a designer market like this one. Check out their website to see when they are next in your city

*Oh and if we still want those keepcups in a couple of weeks time then guess whose gonna throw down $100 for 2 of ’em 🙂 #TimeWillTell