COME SEE ‘The Bluff’ Encounter Bay, Fleurieu Peninsula. Australia.

As told by Jackie Te-Aroha.

I’m about to tell you a little story so sit down, grab a glass of vino, recline your seat backs and enjoy. On the 27th of September 2016 I finished up my last day at a youth centre in South-West Sydney to begin an impromptu journey around Australia in a white Toyota Hiace. However just two days later I found myself on a plane from Sydney to Adelaide to visit a pretty little Leo I’d recently started talking to over the phone. Granted we had met a few months prior whilst cruising the Pacific Ocean we didn’t really get to know each other until much later. So here I was, technically unemployed, heading to South Australia for a week away in search of nothing more but to put my curiosity at rest and as always, a good time.


I had no idea what was in store for the week ahead but I trusted Zade had it sussed. I arrived on a Thursday so I had to keep myself busy for a few days whilst she finished up the week at work but on October 2nd we finally hit the road and one of the first places she took me to was The Bluff in Encounter Bay.

The Bluff Encouter Bay SA (2)

I loved it to say the least! The skies were clear, the air fresh and the rolling green hills crisp and inviting. It was also one of the first places I saw Zade take an interest in my passion. I loved watching her with my camera in hand framing up the beautiful landscape before us. It’s been over a year since that day and looking back although there was officially nothing going on between us, I now consider The Bluff our first date, and a perfect one at that! Skip forward to February 2017 and after living 8-months on the road, working in 4 different states I now find myself a resident of Adelaide with the girl of my dreams planning our next big adventure together.

The Bluff Encouter Bay SA (1)

Whilst we’re still currently working full time we take every opportunity to get away because if we don’t I start going a little insane in the membrane. And if you follow us on Instagram ( you would have seen that on a whim we hired a van threw a blow up mattress in the back, grabbed a chilli bin (or esky as its known here in Australia), a small gas stove and we were set for an insane day and a half adventure along the Fluerieu Peninsular. Can you guess where the first stop was? That’s right back to where it all began – The Bluff.

The Bluff Encouter Bay SA (3)

This time however our visit was a little more strategic knowing that we were on a content collection mission for our website. But once we reached the middle platform I couldn’t help but get taken back to that first time. We went down to the rocks below to where I first watched Zade take photos with camera and then made our way up to the very top which was actually new territory for us. The weather was warming up and we knew we had other places to visit that day but before we left we wanted to see what around the other side of the hill and as soon as I looked across I was sooo glad we did.

The Bluff Encouter Bay SA (4)

The north side of The Bluff was covered in some sort of native light yellow cotton grass that fell into the waters of Encounter Bay below. Off in the near distance were perfectly clear views of Victor Harbour and its attached Granite Island. Of course we took the opportunity to stop for a little photo shoot and hillside chills whilst we updated our social media.

The Bluff Encouter Bay SA (5)

We then decided we’d continue along the path on the north side of The Bluff back to the car park. As usual Zade led the way and I followed closely behind whilst continuing to take photos and absorb the warm vibes of the day balanced with the fresh ocean breeze. The path we took down began to get very steep and the land more and more dry. I was a little worried I might slip on the loose rock/soil even though I’d come fully prepared with my adventure shoes. So I slowed my pace a little to concentrate on where I was placing my feet and as I was looking down I noticed some rather large holes in the ground. I yelled out to Zade “I don’t know what these holes are but there’s either big lizards or snakes living …” and then she screamed and immediately turned around to run back up towards where I was. SNAKE! A big fucking brown snake apparently. Not that I hung around to see for myself.

The Bluff Encouter Bay SA (7)

It was at this point that we realized that we were definitely not on the path but in snake land so we changed our direction and began briskly walking out along the clearest possible route AKA almost jogging whilst trying not to cause too much disturbance in case its cousin snakes came out from their holes to see what the commotion was. As we stepped out onto the safer man-made walkway we were greeted with a beautiful view of the homes set amongst the hill and although Zade was still shook from her run in with the snake, as I do, I asked her to take position for just one more photo.

The Bluff Encouter Bay SA (6)

In total we spent just over an hour here but I could have easily made that 4-6 with a good book and a few snacks and maybe a bottle of wine. Perfect if you’re looking for somewhere to spend a couple hours on a day-trip out of Adelaide.





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