COME SEE Crystal Bay, Nusa Penida. Indonesia.


REGION: Nusa Tenggara

ACCESSIBILITY: Open all year round

BEST TIME TO VISIT: Dry season | March – September

LOCATION: 50 min via fast boat trip from Sanur Beach in Denpasar | 30 min drive from central Nusa Penida | Open in Google maps

WALKING DISTANCE: Situated right next to parking area

TIME REQUIRED: 1 – 3 hrs

TOURIST RATING: Well known beach on Nusa Penida

COST: Free

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As told by Zade Grilloni.

We were most excited about this island out of all the islands around Bali. Our friends Gracie and Omar flew in that morning and met us at the port in Sanur to head over to Nusa Penida. We organized a fast boat from Sanur Beach with Maruti Express that cost around $25 AUD per ticket. Worried I’d get sick, I made sure I drugged myself up with Kwells before we left. Two tablets later I was asleep. It was a breeze!

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After we hired scooters and settled into our bamboo huts at Adi Bungalow we thought we’d catch the sunset at Crystal Bay Beach, so we all hopped on our bikes and off we went. It was about a 20 minute ride from our accommodation. There were a few food and drink stalls on the beach so we all got a cocktail and watched the non existent sunset. Still beautiful though! The beach itself is surrounded by beautiful palm trees and from shore you get a nice view of a tiny island called Pulau Batumejinong.

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Nusa Penida Bali, Indonesia (115)

When it started to get a little darker we decided to head back and and find ourselves some Nasi Goreng, plus we were all keen for a peaceful nights sleep… Or so we hoped. All relaxed and ready for bed, our bamboo hut started swaying side to side. “Jackie! stop doing that!” I yelled… “I’m not” she replied… Oh oh… EARTHQUAKE!

So unfortunately Crystal Bay was the one and only spot we were able to visit on Nusa Penida. We arrived August 5th – that same evening, Lombok had its biggest most destructive earthquake in history.  Because Lombok neighbours Nusa Penida, we felt it almost as hard. It went for over 10 seconds and had the whole island terrified. Not long after, a tsunami warning was released and we were instructed to get on our scooters and follow our host to higher ground.

Bali Earthquake Escape (2)

We are extremely grateful for our flexiblility of our bamboo hut and the Family of Adi Bungalow for taking care of us and 6 other guests. This family, that had next to nothing, tried to make us as comfortable as possible. They put a big mat down for us to sit on and fetched us bottles of water while we waited for more updates of the potential Tsunami. Its times like this where you get a big reality check.

Bali Earthquake Escape (4)

The next morning we made the decision to head back to Bali to hopefully beat any aftershocks. On our way out the family of Adi Bungalow tried to refund us for the bike hire. Like they had anything to do with the earthquake happening! We couldn’t believe it! It made me want to cry. We thanked them again and asked if we could take their photo. We told them we would be back to Nusa Penida and we will stick to our word. Nusa Penida, we’re not finished with you yet!

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