COME SEE Canal Rocks, South West. Australia.

As told by Jackie Te-Aroha.

There’s something about the ocean that continually draws me in. Something graceful about watching a large mass of water move in sync. Something magical about the way it turns from a deep turquoise to a brilliant white. I find it so visually enticing that I sit on the rocks and watch its movements as if it were a sport. I listen to its thunderous roar as it comes rushing in. I admire its beauty yet fear its power. There’s something in this contrast that my heart understands that my head never will. I find this danger alerting yet alluring. I don’t know what it wants of me, but when I’m near it I feel so alive.

Canal Rocks, Western Australia (1)

I left a little piece of my heart at Canal Rocks the first time I visited in 2017 and was super excited to revisit a year later as I’d bought another piece with me… And I couldn’t wait to show her my little spot.

We pulled in to the car park and after throwing a few more sweet potato crisps into my mouth I pointed to an area a little left of the main attraction. ‘Over there’s beautiful!’ I exclaimed as I recalled moments of watching the monstrous waves rushing along the channel below my overhung feet.

Canal Rocks, Western Australia (2)

Like a kid in the lolly store I immediately made my way towards the spot climbing a few of the bigger rocks to get a proper view of its ferocity. I looked back to see Zade just behind me and excitedly offered her a hand up to feel its power next to me. We watched the momentum build in the rolling waves hoping that each and every one would be mightier than the last. We giggled like little schoolgirls every time a wave burst through leaving us a little frightened but anticipating the next. There’s an Adrenalin rush that I get from being this close to something so wildly vigorous that’s addictive and I could tell from the excitement in her eyes that she felt it too.

Canal Rocks, Western Australia (3)We took the opportunity whilst there were only a few people about to put Frida up get some shots. And Wowee!! I didn’t think it was possible to fall more in love with a place than I already was but Frida proved me wrong. I mean, if Canal Rocks had an aerial view live stream I would tune in EVERY NIGHT! Which says a lot because I don’t tune into anything, at all. Like, Zade’ll be lucky if I sat and watched a movie with her once a month, sorry babe.


Canal Rocks, Western Australia (4)

After frothing from the visual overstimulation we went to where the main part of this natural attraction lay. There’s a quaint, narrow walkway that leads around the edge of the rock and out over a channel of water onto a smaller rock island parallel to the main land. It’s an awesome thing following a man-made walkway that all of a sudden opens up for you to choose your own trail. But it wouldn’t surprise me at all if one day they close it off with a viewing deck to conserve the landmark… SO GET IN QUICK whilst it’s all still legally explorable!

Canal Rocks, Western Australia (5)

Heading back onto the mainland we found the perfect little spot to grab our Insta shot. It had views of the main canal that cuts through the granite rock, which if you didn’t already know is the namesake of this attraction. We even had some fun trying out some of the auto functions on Frida. We had her track us as we ran across the rocks. But as we frolicked and played we – but mostly Frida – began to gain some attention from the other tourist visitors and decided to call it a day. Plus her second battery just died leaving us with just one more for the remainder of the day. Damn! They just don’t last as long as you want them too.

Canal Rocks, Western Australia Jackie Te-Aroha and Zade Grilloni

So, to my dear friend Canal Rocks, until we meet again and I get to feast upon your sensory beauty once again, stay wild, stay free and never give up your turbulent nature!

Tips before visiting Canal Rocks

  1. Mid-week visits are best to beat the crowds, especially if you’re planning to cross the walkway.
  2. Go off track, climb the rocks, explore the small water holes, spot the crabs just be safe near the water. There’s one orange lifebuoy located near the bridge but this is by no means an advertised or patrolled swimming area.
  3. If your bridge or rock jumping asses the conditions and only do so in calmer conditions IF you’re a strong swimmer!