COME SEE Campuhan Ridge Walk, Bali. Indonesia.


LOCAL NAME: Bukit Cinta Ubud or Tjampuhan’s Sacred Hills

REGION: Gianyar, Bali.

ACCESSIBILITY: Open 24 hours.

BEST TIME TO VISIT: In the morning, the earlier the better.

LOCATION: 5 mins from Ubud | 1 hr from Canggu | 1 hr from Denpasar | Open in Google Maps


TIME REQUIRED: 1-2 hours

TOURIST RATING: Very popular tourist site and local jogging route.

COST: Free

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The Campuhan Ridge Walk as we know it is apparently part of a larger 12 km nature trail known locally as the Bukit Cinta Sacred Hills. Though we couldn’t find much information about the latter we opted the tried and true trail that began near the Ibah Luxury Villas and returned after a quick stop at the Karsa Kafe. We visited Campuhan twice during our stay the first being with our friends Gracie and Omar who were spending 10-days with us in Bali. We had planned to take the walk early in the morning to avoid the crowds and the heat of the day, but arrived about 2 hours behind schedule. There were a couple of scooters in the small parking area but no tour buses or large people movers so we weren’t too disappointed with our late arrival.

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If you’re planning on taking the same Ibah to Karsa route we did then after parking your scooter just follow the paved road downward towards the river. On the left you’ll see a school and on the right a bridge over the river. The Campuhan trail begins at this river crossing.

The path follows alongside the river for a short period before beginning to climb. There were a few stairs that were easily conquered because of the overcast weather. We saw a couple of morning joggers but nothing to drastic in terms of crowds. Once you reach the top of the hill where the land starts to level out, Campuhan begins to show her beauty. We were presented with the view that we had seen on Instagram so many times. A narrow pathway that run along a single hilltop, surrounded by lush greenery and marked by two single palm trees. Picture perfect.

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We began setting up the gear deciding to let Gracie and Omar go ahead of us (because we know nobody wants to spend their holidays waiting for friends to take photos). Being overcast looked like it was working in our favor keeping the main path ahead clear. We took a couple of shots then continued the walk along the iconic ridge. After passing the second palm I spotted tree on the right side of the path with a picturesque backdrop. We took another sequence of photos there then decided to quicken our pace because we hadn’t seen Gracie and Omar for a while. Looking back we saw the crowd growing.

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Shortly after the ridge view closed in, we were surrounded by a number of art stores, warungs and holiday accommodations dotted along the track to Karsa. Gracie and Omar were already there so we ordered some less than average coffee and an underwhelming plate of fruit. On our return trek there were heaps more people and they were hot and sweaty as the sun had finally broken through!

If you’re visiting for the views I’d suggest only going as far as the second palm and turning back. And that’s exactly what we did on our second visit. This was purely a photo outing. We arrived earlier than we did previously to try and capture the sun rays cutting through the early morning mist. But apparently so were all the other nearby photographers, travel couples and their drones which was a bit disappointing but then we remembered hey, this is Bali. The island of the gods. The If you’ve seen the ridge before and aren’t interested in photos then continue on as far as you can, and maybe let us know if it really does go for 12km.

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