COME SEE The Blue Pool Swimming Hole, Blue Mountains. Australia.


REGION: Blue Mountains, Australia.

ACCESSIBILITY: Open all year round via private transport.

BEST TIME TO VISIT: Glenbrook entrance gates open 8.30am-7pm Oct-Apr and 8:30am-6pm the rest of the year.

  • First Sunday in October to first Sunday in April 8.30am to 7pm
  • Rest of year 8.30am to 6pm

LOCATION: 1hr from Sydney CBD | Open in Google maps

WALKING DISTANCE: 15-20 mins one way

TIME REQUIRED:  1hr + Swimming time

TOURIST RATING: Relatively quiet swimming spot

COST: Blue Mountains National Park Fees $8 AUD per vehicle, per day.


As told by Jackie Te-Aroha

Just inside the Blue Mountains National park via the Glenbrook entrance is a short family-friendly bush walk that leads to the Blue Pool swimming hole. It’s just past its more popular counterpart Jelly Bean Pool but feeds from the same river system which makes it a good option if you’re wanting to avoid the crowds at Jelly Bean in high season (AKA summer).

There are two carparks located just off The Oaks Trail Road. We recommend using the larger one on the left hand side as the one on the right had some heavy scrapage (scrape-damage) on the concrete from the underneath of previous visitors due to the short and steep incline of the road to the carpark… you’re welcome.

The walk is a leisurely 500m return which begins at the end of the right hand side carpark. It contains a few sets of stone cut staircases with some wobbly-looking but sturdy hand rails and a pathway thats cleared of vegetation, which is the one you’ll need to follow to gain direct access to the swimming hole.

We took the walk early-mid morning. The air was mountain fresh and the light was filtering beautifully through the canopy above, so you know we had to stop and get a few piccys. As I set up the *Tristan the tripod and ran into frame I realised just how long it had been since Zade and I had adventured like this… almost 3 months since Jervis Bay. I once again felt like a newb at this selfie game but we still managed to get a couple of decent shots.

From there the track led off to the left and became almost non-existent. We were ducking under trees and climbing over rocks as we inched closer and closer to the soft sound of trickling water. After a short 60-80m or so we reached the opening to the Blue Pool and began rock hopping to get the best vantage point.

We had the place ALL TO OURSELVES, bar a couple of small birds that were flying tree to tree. We sat and enjoyed the moment before turning back to the track that led us here.

As we were climbing back over the rocks I thought to myself, its strange they didn’t clear the path more. I mean how difficult would it be to bring eskys, chairs, floaties and the rest of it down through that obstacle course?! And then I saw it. The path we were suppose to have taken before we unknowingly deviated directly behind where we had stopped to take photos haha.

We thought while were here we may as well follow it to see where it leads. And then just around the bend was a much more family friendly space with larger areas to set up picnics and access to the water via small sandy banks and large flat rocks. So take note. Stick to the large cleared pathway gain direct access to the swimming hole!

If a cruisy walk to a waterhole into the thick Australian bush sounds like you’re type of adventure then this one is definitely for you! NOTE: the only thing blue about this pool is the reflection of the sky on the water, not the water itself.


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