COME SEE Black Diamond Lake, South West. Australia.

As told by Zade Grilloni.

Initially wanting to focus our Perth trip on its scenic coastline, we decided to indulge in some inland goodness and boy i am so glad we did. Black Diamond Lake is the kind of lake you visit and suddenly think you’re in Canada. This isn’t any old lake. Pleasantly greeted with the ever so turquoise water and the surrounding lush greenery, it’s a ideal spot for a little R&R.

Black Diamond Lake, Western AustraliaBlack Diamond was an abandoned coalmine from the early 1950’s that was eventually filled with water and now utilized as a recreational lake. A lake that is now considered somewhat dangerously beautiful, the inviting water may contain amoebic meningitis (google the facts) so anyone who does go for a dip is advised to keep their head above water.

Black Diamond Lake, Western AustraliaOn that note I just couldn’t wait to dip my little toe in! Upon seeing the health warning sign, I looked at Jackie and sighed. Some being more game than others, I then heard a great big splash and noticed a bunch of English tourists had found a rope swing to jump off. We didn’t really feel like potentially ending our Perth trip due to disease that day so we enjoyed the sun in the shallows instead.

Black Diamond Lake, Western AustraliaSituated just two hours from Perth, you could do a day trip or even camp nearby in Collie. It was one of many perfect rest points for our drive from Perth to Bussleton. Thankful that we ventured away from the coast this day and found yet another hidden gem. Kudos Perth!

Black Diamond Lake, Western Australia