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Come See This! is the brainchild of a travel couple Jackie and Zade that launched in February 2018. It began as a platform to share the natural beauty we were witnessing on our travels. But as the months have passed it quickly became a space for us to share our stories of love and adventure, our values and our practical knowledge of destinations to help fellow explorers and wanderlusters

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Jackie Te-Aroha

Maori – Australian
ENFP-A Sagittarius

An introspective extrovert, philosopher, aesthetic appreciator and minimalist. A free thinker who’s inspired by the determination of wild hearts, the colour palette of sky and form.

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Zade Grilloni

Italian – Australian
Content Creator + Hairdresser

A strong willed and empathetic sun worshipper that’s young at heart with an old soul. A confident and curious self educator in the pursuit of bliss via a purposeful existence.


Rather than bore with you the basic blah blah, we thought you’d appreciate hearing about the quirkier things that we think make us unique.

When Jackie first meets you she’ll likely try to uncover what motivates you, whilst Zade will try to guess your star sign. Jackie’s a self-confessed sugar-holic whilst Zade’s a recovering nugget addict. On long road trips; Jackie’s the driver and Zade’s the DJ.

We enjoy an abundance of garlic on almost everything we eat and have ritualistic evening cuddle sessions that can become somewhat aggressive. We enjoy short hikes but anything longer than 4km and we’re packing overnight bags and a camping stove. We’re avid sunset chasers (cliché we know), that’ll climb just about any mountain to get the best vantage point – so long as said mountain isn’t longer than a 4km hike!

We’re just two ocean-loving fire signs that fell in love during a low key, long-distance relationship. And now, we’re ready to chase our dreams together as one! Northbridge, perth Western Australia Fleurieu Peninsular, South Australia West Beach, South Australia
HelicopterIsland-ElNido_Palawan-45 Northbridge, perth Western Australia Fleurieu Peninsular, South Australia West Beach, South Australia

We’re currently learning about ways we can reduce our waste by boycotting single-use plastics where possible. We realize this won’t be an easy task seeing as we will be living out of backpacks. However, we believe that small changes made by a few can build momentum and create large-scale movements that bring positive long-term effects.

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